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How to Transform your LinkedIn Profile!

Do you know the key differences between your LinkedIn Profile and your Resume? Your resume should serve as a documented history of your chronological work and professional experiences that outlines clearly what you achieved in each role. Whereas your LinkedIn profile is so much more than just a PDF document. For example, your profile really speaks to all potential employers in different industries, not just one because everyone is looking for great candidates so make sure that you stand out as a Top Candidate. Here are some great tips to instantly improve your LinkedIn profile to connect with more recruiters.

Professional Headshot Photo

Taking a Great Photo is super important to your profile so make sure your picture is clear and speaks to who you are as a professional. Before taking your photo, make sure to use a background that isn’t distracting. Dress for the job you want and remember to always smile and have a friendly expression on your face this will attract more people to your profile.

Keyword Optimize your Headline

Write a Compelling Headline to make it very clear what it is that you do, what industry you work in and your strong areas of expertise which may include your current and previous positions. This is a great way to optimize your profile by adding key industry titles you can receive up to 9x more Profile views. More than 300K people search profiles by industry every week so increase your chances of connecting with recruiters by having a great headline and keyword optimized professional title.

Write all About Yourself in the About Me Section

A strong Executive Summary is essentially your opportunity to write a stellar Elevator Pitch. In 10 seconds or less, you should be able to describe who you are as a professional, what you do, what your good at, what areas do you have subject matter expertise in, what have you achieved and your professional goals. Think about who is actually reading your information and what do you want them to know about you, your work experience, skills, talent, leadership abilities, awards and achievements to make the best impact. The About me section is the best place for an Executive Summary, Core Competencies, Areas of Expertise, Technical Skills, Passion, Interests and other personal information or media. LinkedIn is the perfect platform to brand and market your skills and talent as a professional to recruiters.

Professional Experiences- Chronological Work History

What do we really need to know about your professional work experiences? What have you made, saved, achieved and accomplished in each role? This does not have to be super lengthy or wording you can simply summarize very easily what you have accomplished and the accounts or projects you have worked with some quantifiable data to support it. Break out each role separately and make sure you're connected to the right companies and teams that you have worked with.

Professional Skills

LinkedIn is the ideal platform to outline your professional skills. This will greatly increase your access to new opportunities, be sure to list the right skills that are relevant to the roles you want to apply for. You can add projects new or old that you have worked on, these are great accomplishments to show to recruiters and hiring managers your leadership and management experience. You can add your interest and passions to show your personality this is a great way to connect with people on a personal level. Be sure to add your Education Achievements, Certifications, Licenses, LinkedIn Learning Courses and classes that you have taken before.

Recommendations and Skills Endorsements

Recommendations and skills endorsements are vital to your profile as recruiters really want to know who is recommending you and why, what are they saying about you and what makes you a standout candidate? This is often the icing on the cake for recruiters where they will know whether or not you would be a great company culture fit for their organization.

Connect, Connect and Connect some more

Create new connections everyday to grow your network this allows other professionals and employers to interact, learn, and contact you directly for new opportunities. Reach out and connect to new people to expand your professional Circle of Opportunities. Engage your audience with new weekly posts and articles about relevant topics to your industry.

Privacy Settings

Update your LinkedIn Privacy Settings to make sure you're open to connecting with Recruiters if you want them to reach out directly to you on LinkedIn and view your profile in order to be considered as a top candidate for any open roles. Part of getting your profile to stand out on LinkedIn is getting it seen by more people so if you’re not showing up in searches you won’t be seen by the right people and you will forever be applying to roles with no responses and ultimately no job offer.

Optimize your Profile

Get your LinkedIn Profile Optimized! with the right keywords for each specific industry to boost your career search and increase your opportunities. You can search and apply for jobs directly on LinkedIn when you upload your New Applicant Tracking Software Friendly Professional Resume to compliment your Keyword Optimized LinkedIn Profile for the winning Combo!

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