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My name is Shun Yang and I am a Business Marketing Analyst that specializes in Digital Education, Digital Marketing, and Digital Coaching. This is my story of how and why I decided to Join the Circle!

About 2 years ago while I was still a student at Moravian College, I met Iyana Smith the Founder of Circle of Opportunities in an Entrepreneur Facebook Group. After connecting and talking a few times on Facebook, we were both amazed to learn about each other’s business experiences in the Technology field. We continued to connect briefly during that time never knowing that I would eventually become one of her coaching clients once I graduated college. During this time, I had already began mapping out my career goals in a Flow Chart in order to guide my future decisions on the path to success. I knew exactly where I wanted to go and had the overall big picture but didn’t know all the steps/details of exactly how to get there.

In thinking about my future plans after graduation and my goal of working for a great Educational Company, I decided to sign up and Join Circle of Opportunities. Within a matter of days I received a new updated Resume, Linkedin profile and began interviewing with top companies like VaynerMedia, Capital One, InstaCart, Pfizer, Hatchett Group, Kepler Group, Vector Capital and more. To date, I have received numerous job offers, met with top Industry Leaders, Hiring Managers and Recruiters who were all impressed with my Professional Style Resume, Cover Letter, Linkedin Profile, Interviewing and Negotiation skills. I now work for 2U, the industry leader in Education Technology. I now have been able to gain the skills I needed to succeed and become a highly sought after professional.

I became a successful Business Entrepreneur at the age of 14 years old with the goal to inspire young people that they too could become successful through education. With the launch of my first digital education club “Online Tech Education”, I started with 3 friends and 30 students. We served thousands of college students by guiding them to find a career through digital technology. Now I teach, train and coach other business professionals how to use Digital Marketing Technology to achieve their business and career goals. I encourage every young professional I meet to also Join the Circle of Opportunities, it might just change your future.

-Coach Yang- Connect with me on Linkedin

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