Thank You Inc. Magazine!

Circle of Opportunities was recently included in a great article written by Lisa Abeyta for INC Magazine's Website 'How Startups Are Using Facebook to Find More Diverse Job Candidates' It's a must read for those in the technology community as it speaks to a very real and important issue facing most large companies and even smaller start ups; How to hire more diverse job applicants.

Tech Inclusion is a thriving and successful Facebook group with over 2200 members founded by Wayne Sutton and Melinda Briana Epler. Tech Inclusion works to improve diversity and inclusion in the tech industry by focusing on five major impact areas: Education, Workplace, Entrepreneurship, Policy and Ecosystem. They provide great content, information, events and other touch-points for individuals and companies to connect around inclusion in technology.

At Circle of Opportunities we know first hand that Diversity and Inclusion in Technology is a great necessity to the labor and workforce but most importantly to our under represented communities of color. In our recent article Diversity in Tech, The Struggle is Real... we discussed the tremendous need for a diverse talent pool of candidates that is inclusive of people of color. All the data and statistics shows us that a diverse and inclusive workforce produces greater profit and greater success. African-American buying power is projected to reach $1.4 trillion by 2020, making them one of the larger groups of consumers. With the rapid growth of AA consumerism it's vital to companies that POC's are also represented in the technology sector in order to engineer and produce more inclusive products, software, apps, etc.

In our Circle we value and promote diversity in every area of life as we work to help individuals find their purpose through coaching as well as connecting them to the right opportunities. Our Circle Builders create new and exciting opportunities to connect with our diverse talent. Together we build a bridge to connect everyone to a larger network. Get connected and Join The Circle!

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