YAY! We're a Top Recruiter!

Congratulations! You've reached Top Recruiter status! We're impressed with the candidates you've referred, and your positive interactions! ~Indeed Team~

Why we love Indeed? It's the number 1 job recruiting website in the world, with over 200 million visitors to their site every month from over 60 different countries. Now that's reach, Indeed has been able to literally put the world to work.

But just how do they do it? They have a passion for helping people to find the right jobs and careers to fit their lives. They connect recruiters with eligible job seekers while also helping companies, organizations, hospitals and educational institutions to hire the best talent.

So how do you find the best opportunities? Well all it takes is a quick search to be connected to millions of open and available positions and companies seeking top candidates like yourself. Simply search for the type of positions you are interested in applying for and magically a list is generated and appears with limitless options and all you have to do is hit the apply button then follow the instructions. Employers reach out to qualified candidates via phone or email to schedule interviews which can then lead to a job offer.

What makes Indeed unique? Well it's a simple yet effective interface for candidates, employers and recruiters to use. We love it because it connects us to millions of people around the world. So when our Opportunity Seekers Join Our Circle they are connected to a larger network of incredible Circle Builders. Where together we can make things happen. Thanks Indeed!

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