Madam President Oprah Winfrey

“My strength is bringing people together, connecting people to ideas; allowing people to see the best in themselves in the worst of times.” –Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey has certainly overcome almost every barrier known to women to become a successful global mogul and icon. She has opened almost every door and broke through almost every glass ceiling for women all over the world, but there still remains one door left to open and one big ceiling left to break through, to become the first female president of The United States of America. Many people believe that Oprah has the perfect combination of strength, courage, tenacity, wisdom, appeal, intelligence, influence, trailblazing abilities, power and compassion to make this a reality. That she could possibly break through the last barriers left for women in leadership to become the first African American female president of the United States of America that is if she actually decides to run for office. We can only dream and hope that Oprah's heart would be touched just enough to lean in to this very powerful moment in history where she could actually make this dream become a reality and gain just enough support to go all the way to the White House.

Oprah is certainly no newbie to female leadership as she has been an historic icon and trailblazer for women around the globe, many of whom would be ready and willing to stand with and for her as President Oprah Winfrey. #WeCanDoIt! #Oprah2020 #PresidentWinfrey #FirstFemalePresident

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