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When Life Gets Too Busy, Hire a Virtual Assistant

If your To Do List has a To Do List you may want to consider hiring a Virtual Assistant to help you offset some of those administrative tasks like:

  • Transcription of Video and Audio Files

  • Preparing Online Meeting Minutes

  • Report Creation

  • Forms Creation

  • Document Template Creation

  • Online Research

  • Blog Publishing Management

  • Moderating Blog Comments

  • Adding Tags & Images to Blog Posts

  • Receptionist Duties

  • Voicemail Checking

  • Sending Client Invoices

  • Basic Bookkeeping

  • Personal Tasks (Purchasing Gifts Online, etc.)

  • Project Management & Training Tasks

  • Preparation of Training Materials

  • Training of New Virtual Staff

  • Deadline / Deliverables Tracking

  • Social Media Management Tasks

  • Creating Facebook Fan Pages / Groups (see example below)

  • Posting and Scheduling Facebook Insights

  • Promoting Facebook Pages

  • Create and Manage LinkedIn Account / Profile

  • Creating a New List in Email Marketing Software

  • Creating and Scheduling Broadcast Emails to Promote Content

Contact us at info@circleofopportunities to find out more information about how to connect with a Virtual Assistant.

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