Team Support Specialist

Not finding the right talent to fill in your employment gaps? You may need a Team Support Specialist.

There is currently $272 billion worth of unfilled jobs right now in the U.S.

According to Career Cast these business sectors are currently the hardest to fill

  1. Data Scientist, $128,240, 16%;

  2. Financial Advisor, $89,160, 30%;

  3. General and Operations Manager, $97,730, 7%;

  4. Home Health Aide, $21,920, 38%;

  5. Information Security Analyst, $90,120, 18%;

  6. Medical Services Manager, $94,500, 17%;

  7. Physical Therapist, $84,020, 34%;

  8. Registered Nurse, $67,490, 16%;

  9. Software Engineer, $100,690, 17%; and

  10. Truck Driver, $40,260, 5%.

This gap in employment hiring creates an even bigger problem for employers. Their staff teams become increasingly burdened, overwhelmed and burned out with added responsibilities and extra work because there are not enough people available to balance the work.

There is a prevalent and increasing need for experts in the fields of technology and science but a great incapacity to attract, fill and retain employees. College grads are watching market trends and resolving to invest in more Start Up companies, realizing the importance of business ownership and entrepreneurship.

Hypothetically speaking, If 200 new companies created 50 new job positions then there would be 10000 new job positions available for qualified professionals. Those without the right skills remain unqualified and unemployed while those with the right skills progress and typically move on to also become business owners.

The unemployment numbers might continue to increase unless there is a shift in the job market to create jobs that people are actually qualified for however this might not necessarily create profitable businesses if they are simply trying to accommodate the needs of the unskilled workforce. Some companies are coming up with clever ways to address this need by creating computers to fill in the gap and remove the need to hire a large labor force.

Another possible solution could be to create an opportunity for people to work and provide their skills and talent to companies as needed to fill in the gaps. Employees always need constant support, encouragement, empowerment, and motivation to continue to be successful so why not provide it as a service.

At Circle of Opportunities we believe that everyone’s team should be successful and have appropriate resources. Our Team Support Services provides direct support to staff teams from everywhere and anywhere. A Staff member of your team can phone in to speak with a support specialist who will assess the caller’s problem, determine the level of issue raised and determine the appropriate steps and actions needed to successfully address and support your employee’s needs and requests.

Team Support Specialists work closely with managers and directors to gain valuable insight about the stakeholders involved, protocols, reporting procedures, services offered and provided as well as trouble shooting. Specialists compliment the managers or directors leadership practices. They are knowledgeable and equipped to respond with best employee practices. They can support crisis management or emergencies. Employers set a call schedule and availability for the specialist to be available to their team as needed. They can also be provided with a weekly staff activity report to track relative data.

Your team deserves the best type of support even when you are unavailable our team can assist yours. We work for you. Contact us to find out more information about our Team Support Specialists.

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