When to Invest in a Career Coach

If you perhaps don’t quite know how to conduct a full job search or have no clue how to use a computer then you should definitely invest in hiring a Career Coach. The great thing about having a career coach is being able to have an objective view of yourself. One of the first things a great coach will do is a complete a thorough assessment of who you are; your professional and personal image. They will immediately know what your brand image is and how it fits into a corporate culture. Working with a coach can help you identify what is your life purpose and what career field most closely aligns with it. When people work with purpose they tend to become happier and more satisfied with their life goals and achievements. Once your career coach can begin to identify the specific types of jobs that are most suited for your talents, gifts, personality and purpose it becomes much easier to target your search to specific companies, organizations and institutions doing the type of work that you will enjoy.

If you are not outgoing and personable, but tend to be shy, reserved and don’t communicate well. Hire a Coach.

A great coach will be able to assess your strengths and weakness. Once you have identified what those are, it becomes easier to overcome your fears that may be holding you back from success. Coaches can walk and talk you through some of your issues that you may be struggling with and offer tips and suggestions on how to combat them. They can help you to write a knockout resume, articulating all of your key positive strengths. They will inspire and motivate you to go after jobs that you might not feel confident enough in applying for. Good coaches are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone and motivate you to do the same.

If you have been out of work so long that your bills are beginning to pile up and you have not received any call backs for a job. Hire a Career Coach.

We have seen people do this for so many years that they resolve to give up on re-entering the work force again. You don’t want your job search to take over your entire life in a negative way. You want to see the results of your hard work and time. The more time wasted is the more expenses you incur. Invest in a Career Coach and reduce your debt and living expenses.

Feeling Stuck and uncertain of what to do next, where to go or where to begin looking. Hire a Career Coach

This can become very tricky because you don’t want to end up being stuck or lose motivation to find employment because it’s the one thing that will get you out of your rut so you become stuck on it because it’s not manifesting quickly enough. If you continue to do the same thing you will receive the same results or the lack thereof. A great Career Coach will strategically plan out your job search steps and process so it keeps you positively engaged in the process and motivates you to succeed as you begin to overcome small battles and win goals.

If you have your hands full as a single or working mother/parent. Hire a Career Coach.

Family life can be crowded and busy so having time to job search can be somewhat of a luxury. If you don’t have the time to commit and get it done appropriately then you should invest in a coach. This takes the pressure off your daily routine and schedule. You will know exactly when you will be required to do something and be able to plan ahead in advance so it won’t catch you off guard. A Career Coach will plan out your goals and activities to help you achieve every step while you focus on more important things like your family.

If you are a recent High School or College Graduate or full time student. Hire a Career Coach.

A recent High School or College graduate entering the workforce can oftentimes be unprepared and uncertain of how to navigate the market and negotiate a good salary. Students might need to learn how to construct a great resume, how to conduct a good interview, workplace protocol, benefits, and more. Entry level workers oftentimes settle for low paying positions simply to get a paycheck so they end up being stuck for years with no real long term solutions. Coaches can help you to construct a long term career plan and build out your future career goals.

If you are seeking a career change, promotion or new work opportunities. Hire a Career Coach.

Someone who is bored at their current job and needs a change, to make more money. Someone who is overqualified for their current position. Someone who wants to find their purpose and follow their professional dreams and goals all need to hire and invest in a good Career Coach.

If any of these scenarios sound like the story of your life it might be time to consider hiring a Career Coach. To find out more information send us an email at jobcoach@circleofopportunities.com

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