Jump Into New Opportunities

So often we can become complacent with our environments and surroundings. We think that if everyone is doing the same thing and going in the same direction while receiving the same results, well then it must be right. If it's not broke why change it. To an extent this may be true but what would happen if you actually dared to step out and do something different. Would you be able to create that thing or that project that you have so longed to create, write that book that has been in your head for years. Start the company that you have dreamed of building from scratch. Go after the positions that you have always wanted. What limits you from reaching higher? Whats stopping you from jumping over to the other side? Is it your self-doubt, fear, worry, concern, financial restraints, family obligations? Is it you? What is your true limiting belief? What do you believe that you are capable of doing? If you knew what was on the other side would you go? Who would go with you? Who would follow you to your destination? If I dare to set a pathway and lead showing others what can be done, how much more could we accomplish. It's never fun being the first. It can be scary, intimidating, daunting, lonely, isolating, but also rewarding. When you do something that no one else has done before you break down barriers, dispel myths, encourage believers, incite hope, achieve the impossible. Your not the only fish in the bowl but you might be the only fish bold enough to jump into another one.

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