When Life Gives Your Lemons, SQUEEZE..

When life gives you Lemons the first thing you have to do it cut it open. You have to physically acquire a sharp object of some sort that will be able to cut through the skin of the lemon to get it open. Cut through the hard stuff( hurt, pain, sadness, depression, doubt, fear, poverty, abuse, rejection, etc.) cut through the outer core, cut into the middle where the seed is found. Once you get inside then all you have to do is squeeze. In order to get the juice out of it you have to SQUEEZE IT! Squeeze as hard as you can so that the real juice is exposed and it will come right out.

The Squeezing process can sometimes be difficult because it requires you to expel maximum energy and effort to get the juice out. You might have to press it against something hard. You might have to use something special. Maybe roll it around a couple times. There are things inside of you that you also have to get out and the only way to release your powerful juice is to squeeze it out until it starts to pour. Pour out all the good stuff from inside of you, every single drop is valuable. Once you get the juice out just add water, sugar or honey and you've got Sweet Lemonade.

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