Carib Nanny is Keeping Life Giggly!

What happens when a group of Caribbean Nannies get together to share their incredible journey, challenges and successes, they create Carib Nanny. A community network of nannies and household staff from the Caribbean, South America, and other countries. Created as a fun social platform for the working Carib Nanny around the world.

Perhaps one of the larger group of child care providers, nannies of Caribbean decent have been championing this work for many generations. They have been a staple part of the working upper and middle class homes. They have been vital to the economic wealth and success of so many countries.

Many people look down on the profession of being a Nanny as it can oftentimes be portrayed as a black female who is an indentured servant without rights. Contrary to that popular belief, a good nanny can command a salary of $80K and Up depending on the family's needs. Some offers come with benefits, opportunities to travel, room and board as well as vacation or time off from work. Whether you work as a nanny or not these are still great benefits some people dream of. Although the life of a Carib Nanny might not be all glitz and glamor, they do put in long hours caring for children while still responsibly taking care for their own.

A Carib Nanny can be described as someone who is resilient by nature, a natural born leader, resourceful, creative, artistic, powerful, sassy, talented, caring, and loving. She treats each child with care. She can delegate effectively and operate like only a boss can. Her influence spans the circumference of the world and is reflective of the success of 100's of corporations. Mother's are able to go back to work, father's don't have to take time off or change careers. Operating much like an Operations Manager of the home, they oversee all household affairs. They are sought after because they really know and understand the value of hard work.

You can find out more information about Carib Nanny at Nanny or email

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