Why Your Company Needs Fresh Talent.

Every company should complete an internal assessment and evaluation to gauge their capacity to successfully attract fresh new talent to their teams. The successful rate of hiring new employees speaks volume's about a`companies' HR processes. For those that might be struggling in that department they might want to consider the following:

Where is your Talent being Sourced From?

Many companies contract recruiting firms to fill their talent pools with qualified candidates. Although this is a good option for most, it's not always the right solution for every company. Each company is unique in the fact that they have a specific culture that drives their business. Whether it's a corporate setting or a more laid back co-working Start Up office, it's important that hiring managers really know their company's image, brand, culture and how to sell it to the right audience. Three definitive keywords should be able to clearly describe any company, organization, school, hospital, or product. Think of this as your bait on a hook.

How Big is Your Talent Pool?

Knowing your audience helps to decipher where you will spend most of your time searching and recruiting. The bigger the pool is the more options you will have. The wider the variety of diverse candidates from various backgrounds. Which is great for any company that wants to be represented in a global economy. Having talent that is multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multiple faith background can create a fun vibrant, inclusive and relevant workforce.

How Attractive Is Your Company?

This is where it gets tricky for most companies because image is everything in today's society. Some companies don't look or feel very appealing or attractive but yet they can provide a great service or product. You will know exactly how a candidate feels when they walk through your doors for the first time simply by watching their face and emotional reactions to the people they see working for you. Ask them if they can actually visualize themselves standing there in the next 5-10 years. The layout, design and colors of your company can make or break your company's attractiveness and work culture. If it's too stuffy then everyone will walk around on egg shells or if it's too laid back then people might not take their roles as seriously as they should. You want to strike a balance somewhere between corporate and fun time.

How is your company relevant?

Thriving and successful companies are innovative, creative, and transparent. Companies can engage with their customers, audience and employees by requesting direct feedback or surveys to make simple improvements. Set goals to become more progressive, make new advancements by integrating new technology in your work processes. Having a good social media presence can also help to build and nurture some professional relationships and keep your company relevant. Connecting with people through social impact is also important.

Does your work have purpose?

Doing work with purpose is so vital to this generation. Working for a company that has a positive impact on society by contributing to its progressive advancement is an excellent selling point that is sure to win you some top candidates. Candidates want to know that they will be apart of something significant, that their work has a deeper meaning to the larger community. Corporate responsibility gives your employees an opportunity to invest their time and money in projects that are impacting the world and changing lives. Does your company's mission connect with your candidates needs? Provide your employees with a little dose of daily motivation and inspiration to yield better work results.

What's Your Relationship Status?

The courting phase in any relationship can be a difficult process. You want to show your interest, you want to brag about how great you are and what you can offer. You also want to know everything about the other person and to see if they are too good to be true, a waste of your time, or just the right fit. Nurturing a good and healthy relationship with candidates is important as it helps to build trust, likeability, understanding, commitment and purpose. The driving force behind this type of relationship might very well be motivated by money, benefits, and service but there should also be a common cause that everyone can get around.

Why do you need Fresh New Talent?

Like everything else in life, nothing good lasts forever, sad but true. Every company at some point will need to retire their best employees and hire some fresh new talent. In order for that company to successfully thrive and remain relevant for future generations to come it has to have a team that is able to adapt and change with the times. Whatever investment you make in your talent community the results will be evident in the success of your company.

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