Nanny vs. Babysitter- Which is better for you?

Whether you want to work as a babysitter with toddlers and children usually part time during school hours and full time during summer months. Or work as a full time nanny with infants, toddlers and/or children depending on the household composition and size. Think about the ages and the number of infants and/or children you would prefer to work with. Have a clear idea of what schedule you would like to work, if you would prefer to work full time, part time, per diem, as needed, on call, live-in or live-out position. Also consider if you would prefer to work as a baby nurse or New Born Care Specialist. Always have a specific career objective in mind and outlined on your resume so that families and employers can better identify you as a good candidate for employment.

Salary& Payment- Do You Know Your Financial Worth as an Employee?

You will want to discuss your salary and payment upfront, you want to know how much you will get paid, how frequently and in what form of payment check or cash. Are there opportunities to receive bonuses or an increase in salary at any point? Be sure that the agreed upon salary is fair compensation for the job that you would be expected to complete. Think about your experience and skill level, how much would you compensate yourself based on what you know? Nannies will oftentimes have a much higher salary than babysitters do. Do your research, know your worth.

Work Schedule- Are you Prepared to be On Time?

Find out what your work schedule will look like, what days and hours you will be expected to work. Sometimes you can expect to work overnights if required. What days will you be off from work, weekdays or on the weekends. Think about the impact that will have on your personal life and family, make sure that you can be flexible as needed and commit to a schedule that works for both parties involved. Be very clear about your work hours and have good boundaries. You will want to know if there will be any special events or requests outside of your normal work hours. Create a yearly calendar and schedule to know your hours in advance and plan your days accordingly. You will also want to know if you will have any Sick/Personal Days as well as vacation time. What is the contingency plan should you become sick, ill, have an accident or need to take time off the job. Is there a back up sitter or nanny that would be available to fill in for you during those times. Be prepared to sometimes say No if you are unable to do something outside of your work hours. Think about all of your options carefully and know which opportunity will be better suited for you.

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