Believe, Achieve, Succeed

There is a strong possibility that you are able to do that thing that you've been putting off for a long time. You've been waiting for the right moment to do just the right thing at the right time. You think maybe with the right opportunity I could change my life, I can change my circumstances. I can change my situation. I can change my surroundings. My big breakthrough is coming if I can just get over this mountain. CLIMB, CLIMB, CLIMB. My dreams are on the other side of this obstacle, I need to tackle this thing. JUMP, JUMP, JUMP! I'm reaching up, I'm scratching, I'm fighting, I'm climbing, with each step I can get a little closer. I'm making it, I'm doing it, I'm getting up there. The view looks so great up here WOW! I can get used to this. It’s incredible. This is really nice no seriously look at that sky. Look at the sun how bright it is, I can see the ocean, the flowers, beautiful creation. I don't think I want to come down from here, no way I found something great. But my dreams are on the other side of the mountain. How do I get down there, it's hard to go down. How am I gonna get there? What am I gonna do when I get down. I won't have this view from the top. I'm going to have to climb back up here again are you kidding me no way. What do I do now? I get down so now then I have to build. More work, this can’t be real. Ok! I got this right? I have some tools. I have tools, I have incredible talent, I’ve got gifts, a few bucks to my name, a few friends that I can count on to help me. I'm going to have to make something out of this nothing. BUILD, BUILD BUILD. It's coming together, I know it is. I’ve laid the foundation, built some structure, maintain some consistency. Whose going to help me take this to next level? I need a team now CREATE,CREATE,CREATE, CREATIVE TEAM! I know just what to do now. We do this together, Yes We Can! Just keep going. Don't Quit. Keep moving,Your closer than you think. THINK, THINK, THINK BIGGER! OPPORTUNITY is waiting for you to see it. See I BELIEVE it’s possible. I know I’m capable to ACHIEVE. Then I know I will SUCCEED! No Worries I got This!

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